Renan Cancino, originally from the lost-in-time village of Sauzal, worked as a consultant viticulturist for many years for large wineries before returning home to his community. He’s a stickler for Chile’s original Spanish influence, crafting Chilena (país), Cariñena and Garnacha the way his ancestors always have. He vocally demands the market respect the país grape and traditional winemaking, and wants to bring economic life back to his community, He grows grapes and wheat and raises sheep on his biodynamic farm, and supports his small neighbours by buying their grapes and their wine at sustainable prices. Renan has converted his grandparents’ ancient mud brick corner store to his winery, it is damaged but still standing after the 2010 earthquake.


The Cariñena comes from 4 different sites expressing 2 distinct terroirs of Sauzal, all granitic soils. 7km apart, 45 days difference in harvest from first to last due to altitude and exposition. The lower sites are harvested first and have clay deposits. Traditional vinification: fully destemmed manually using wooden zarandas (whole bunch is a borrowed gimmick, an abomination of tradition says Renan). Wild open ferment in very old, large raulí pipa. Ageing in oak for 12 months before careful blending. Bottle ageing for a further 12 months. Unfined and unfiltered. Zero So2.